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One part Creative, one part Contrarian, 100% candid. 

I've always been a little bit uninterested in what everyone else is doing. It was in the revered Margaret Sorrows' yearbook photography class that I found, for the first time, an excuse to step back and connect with the world around me in a way that felt purposeful and meaningful.


Little moments; a stolen glance, a flickering light, a microsecond of reaction --these are the things that I am obsessed with capturing. 

Making something interesting out of something potentially mundane, something lasting out of something potentially forgotten, is what made me fall in love with photography.


From proposals to portraits, photos are the way we share life with one another. It's the way we see parts of the world we otherwise would have missed, and the way we tell the world how we want to be seen.  


Behind the lens, I am endlessly fascinated with the world around me. It's my hope to use this fascination to help you find the Interesting in your everyday, and capture your memories in an utterly bespoke way.  

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